Awesome Dance Classes now offered on Wedensday evening.

Shari is a ballroom instructor and has decided to join TKO Wednesday evenings at 6:15pm.  She will alternate various dance classes. Mambo was a huge success.  This Wednesday she will be doing CHA CHA and next Wednesday Samba.  The cost for the class is $7.00. Starting November, if people ONLY want to do the dance classes, it will be $25 for the month.  If members want to do both, they will need to add $5 do their passes each month but pay $5 for each class until your pass is next due. A great way to burn off some calories and have fun!

New Wedensday Evening Class – Mambo!

We have a new class starting on Wednesday evenings-Mambo -the Latin dance of Cuba. We will learn to Mambo which provides cardio as well as fun! We will trial it-  Cost will be $7 for first time.  If people want to continue- passes will apply :)

We are continuing to grow at TKO and appreciate your continued support.

WOW! Checkout NEW classes and FALL specials!

Lynda will be trialing a 5:15am weight class on Mondays.  She will also be offering a Total Body Blast on Wednesdays at 6:15 pm.  Both classes are an hour in duration.  Body Blast will involve strength training exercises (weights) and cardio drills in sequences to push you and give you better endurance and results.  Please note there are always modifications for everyone’s level of fitness.

Lynda will also still be teaching Monday morning Tabata at usual time.

I’d like to welcome Cherie Wage to TKO.  Cherie brings vast experience in group fitness and teaches at the YMCA.  We will be trialing her classes on Tuesdays at 5:30-6:45pm for the month of September.  It is called Strength Fusion.  It will incorporate weights, resistance, yoga movements, stretching and utilization of tubes.


2- 10 CLASS PASSES FOR $105.


Summer at TKO

Summer_GardenIt was a great spring at TKO.  Many reps, jacks, roundhouses and planks were done by all!  Hope you continue to enjoy our workouts and join us to sweat it out this summer!