Awesome Dance Classes now offered on Wedensday evening.

Shari is a ballroom instructor and has decided to join TKO Wednesday evenings at 6:15pm.  She will alternate various dance classes. Mambo was a huge success.  This Wednesday she will be doing CHA CHA and next Wednesday Samba.  The cost for the class is $7.00. Starting November, if people ONLY want to do the dance classes, it will be $25 for the month.  If members want to do both, they will need to add $5 do their passes each month but pay $5 for each class until your pass is next due. A great way to burn off some calories and have fun!

New Wedensday Evening Class – Mambo!

We have a new class starting on Wednesday evenings-Mambo -the Latin dance of Cuba. We will learn to Mambo which provides cardio as well as fun! We will trial it-  Cost will be $7 for first time.  If people want to continue- passes will apply 🙂

We are continuing to grow at TKO and appreciate your continued support.